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The VJS Collection

Introducing the VJS collection – a new modern and luxurious line of colognes and perfumes for both men and women. Our fragrances are crafted from carefully selected ingredients to provide an exquisite scent that is sure to turn heads. Our colognes for men are as bold and masculine as you, with base of patchouli, vanilla, agarwood, while our perfumes for women are perfect for any occasion, with delicate floral notes and a hint of sandalwood. Whatever your style, the VJS collection will have something to suit you.

Mrs VJS Parfume

With a delicate sweetness and arange of delectable fragrances, MrsVJS is ideal for any occasion.

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Mr VJS Cologne

Mr.VJS is an exquisite fragrance crafted from saffron, blackrose, truffle, floralnotes ,patchouli, vanilla, agarwood(oud), and oakmoss. These carefully chosen ingredients create a truly unique and sophisticated scent that can be enjoyed in any season

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